Your house will grow with you. Whenever you add new devices or technology, it is easy to set and change features.

Considerable savings

Effective regulation of heating, air-conditioning or dimming of light according to the intensity of daylight can achieve up to 30% savings.

Remote control

The house is under your control from anywhere in the world thanks to the simple application on your mobile phone or tablet. You can remotely control everything.

Quick Installation

Incredibly fast and clean assembly – without excavating or redecorating the wall. No new wiring, everything is wireless.


All the devises have common communication protocols, they do not interfere with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth; they do not disturb the reception of TV or mobile phones

Simple control

Control as you want – remote controls, touch switches and panels, applications on your mobile, tablet, or smart TV.

Wireless solutions

The wireless electrical installation iNELS RF
is mainly appropriate for existing apartments
and houses. The switching and dimming elements
are placed directly into the socket, lamp
or into the appliance. For controlling, you can
select from a wide assortment of controllers,
from pocket key alarms, to button switches in
modern designs. All the way to control from
a smart phone application for comfortable
control – whether you are at home or away.
The wireless iNELS includes functions dimming
lights, timing for shutters and blinds
and heat regulation.


BUS (wire) solutions

The iNELS BUS version on the contrary is designed
for new constructions of larger homes
and villas to large commercial centers. The basis
of this smart electrical installation is the communications
data cable, i.e. bus, connecting all
sensors, controllers and performance units in
the house, which is terminated in the central unit
in the switchboard. The advantage of the BUS
version is not only in the amount of functions
that it brings, but also the option of integrating
third-party devices: video cameras, kitchen appliances,
solar systems, photo voltaic systems,
energy management and much more.