Equitus Coven

Coven provides your team with a fully self-contained intelligence ecosystem that collects, aggregates, analyzes, and fuses multi-source information without the need to rely upon connecting to your cloud. It is fully equipped with the latest in open-source, knowledge management, geospatial, and all source intelligence capabilities, and included the laptops required to interact with the system.

Equitus Coven


  • Platform-as-a-Service, NO contractor footprint required.
  • Unattributed advanced internet from anywhere the world (5G or CIP).
  • Automated collection from over 130 million OSINT sites globally direct to the user.
  • Advanced AI and Machine Learning tools/software built right into the kit, automates data analysis, data correlation and automatic link-chart analysis.
  • Fully compatible with intelligence platforms like MARFOCYBER’s Integrated Intelligence Platform (IIP).

6 Laptops

Ready-to-use and disconnected from the DoD network.

One Server

Includes all Equitus 4.0 features: OSINT, KM, Multi-Source Intelligence, Geospatial

Secure Switch/Firewall

Connects all systems and secure access to unfiltered/attributed internet access.

Internet Access

Included via 5G or commercial internet.

Enterprise Compatibility

Coven can connect with other Covens or back to your intelligence enterprise cloud.