Equitus Spectre

Spectre allows an individual to conduct intelligence operations from anywhere on the globe. Spectre offers unfiltered internet access couple with advance Equitus analytics, so you can harness the power of Equitus on the go.

Equitus Spectre

Designed for special operations, Spectre allows you to fully engage without leaving a footprint

  • Unattributed advanced internet from anywhere the world (4G, 5G, or CIP).
  • One-click complete reset of the entire OS.
  • World-class encryption that virtually eliminates the need for software upgrades.
  • Laptop, Hardware VPN, firewall, and hotspot – all in one case.
  • IP obfuscation included.
  • Easy for non-technical users to set up and configure within mintues.
  • CNSA Crypto (Quantum Resistent, IKEv2 with certificates and IKEv1 with pre-shared keys).


Ready-to-use and disconnected from the DoD network.

Server Hardware VPN

Hardware-based security firewall.

Internet Access

Activated 4G/5G hotspot, ready-to-use.

Secure Encrypted Connection

Managed attribution capabilities with unfiltered/unattributed internet access.