Equitus Sentinel

Sentinel offers video analytics of security and safety. Providing statistical analysis capability to allow identification patterns of past event and activities within a secured environment.


Equitus Sentinel

Video analytics Security/Safety

  • Allow users to be alerted to events, whether they are happening in real-time from recorded or live-streaming video.
  • Supports forensic searching on recorded video footage, allowing users to quickly find events, objects, and people of interest in the recorded video.
  • Allows video upload for analysis and encoding of footage to enable cognitive analyisis.
  • Allows retrival of video from video cameras to facilitate searches for events, people, and specific objects interest.
  • Open Platform: Open API/SDK, supports seamless integration with third-party applications.

Real-time Analysis

Argument your existing security feeds with machine vision and active stream analysis.

Store & Report

Capture what is seen as searchable data with more than 100 pre-loaded taxonomies.

Locate in Private

The system is owned and controlled by you and can operate in “disconnected mode”.

Alert/Advise Security

Pinpoint your target and catalog object characteristics using facial/object recognition and trajectories.