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Castillo International General Trading And Contracting Company WLL And Its Associated Companies Are A Kuwaiti Company Operating In Several Fields And Have Activities In The Countries Of The Gulf Cooperation Council.

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Castillo International General Trading And Contracting Company WLL

Castillo International Group

Castillo International Group of Companies for General Trading and Contracting (L.L.C) and its associate companies are Kuwaiti companies working in several fields and have activities in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and Iraq.

Through thoroughly following the development of work and investment in Kuwait and the region’s markets, founders of the Castello were keen to consider the tremendous development that had occurred in the Kuwaiti market and the region’s markets, especially in the oil and gas sector, construction, infrastructure, roads and bridges, and the communications revolution.

Therefore, companies were established, in various fields (selling oil and its derivatives outside the State of Kuwait - construction, roads and bridges - information technology - importing medicines, medical supplies and tools - advertising, artistic production, marketing and distribution - flowers and plants, selling grains, seeds and pesticides - perfumes and cosmetics) etc.….

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In turn, Castillo gained the trust of major international companies and has been granted exclusive agencies for the Kuwaiti market and the markets of the Arabian Gulf region, including the countries:

South Korea - Japan - Turkey - India - Egypt - United States of America (see agencies section)

Castello was keen to develop a work strategy with clear goals and specific time to implement their work programs in the Kuwaiti market and the region’s markets, after conducting extensive studies of the market’s needs and outputs. From this standpoint, work teams were formed to study the market needs and the needs of international companies in the Kuwaiti market and facilitate their work, to find a suitable ground for investment in the areas for which the necessary licenses have been issued by the Kuwaiti Ministry of Commerce, for the following activities:

  • Buying and selling oil and its derivatives outside the State of Kuwait.
  • Commission agent.
  • Excavation and demolition contracting, groundwater extraction, foundation digging, pile installation, and marine contracting.
  • Contracting of roads, sewers, bridges and construction materials.
  • General contracting for construction and real estate materials and equipment, insulating materials contracting, and installation of stone, marble, and cassette.
  • Trade in iron and iron pipes and sell ready-made pipes and their accessories.
  • Importing medicines and medical supplies and trading in all equipment, supplies, medical drugs and pharmaceutical preparations.
  • Central markets for non-food items, and general trade in foodstuffs
  • Coal
  • Trade in coffee, nuts, spices, honey and its supplies, and fish trade
Our Value

The success of any commercial organization - regardless of its size - depends on its respect for its customers. Therefore, the Board of Directors is keen to ensure that its relationship with its customers is based on understanding and exchange of opinions in order to reach a platform on which the foundations for success and take-off can be laid.

Our Vision
  • We believe in quality of service as keystone in our company through our fields of expertise and position in the local market, moving side by side with the needs of clients and reach beyond their expectations.
  • Strategically situating our goals to be a part of the new vision of Kuwait and to be an effective player among other companies heading to that direction.
  • Expanding our business profile by working with best and well known local and overseas companies and paying attention to changing global and local market and adapting to its needs.

Castillo Working Fields

Oil Trading

We provides its customers with petroleum derivatives outside the State of Kuwait. READ MORE

Import & Export
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Coal Trading

Import and supply of coal for various uses and multiple industries at the best price and the highest quality.

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Stones & Marble

Importing and supplying stones and marbles for various uses and industries 

Castillo Media

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Iron (15)
IT Services 
Marine Contracting

provides exceptional commercial and residential marine services. We specialize in commercial and residential marine.

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Drawing Ground Water

Drawing Ground Water, Digging Foundations, And Fixing Pedestals

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Castillo Flowers 

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Importing Medicines
Iron Trade

Steel pipes are cylindrical tubes made from steel that are used many ways in manufacturing and infrastructure.

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Sewage And Bridges

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Medical Equipment

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